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Torque Arms

  Torque Arm Kit, GM 14 Bolt Rear Axle
  WFO 5500-6-KIT-2  2' Lower Tube $250.00 Qty
  WFO 5500-6-KIT-3  3' Lower Tube $265.00 Qty
  WFO 5500-6-KIT-4  4' Lower Tube $280.00 Qty
  WFO 5500-6-KIT-5  5' Lower Tube $295.00 Qty
  WFO 5500-6  Torque Arm Axle Bracket Only $29.99 Qty

WFO torque arm kit for GM 14 bolt axle.  This is a complete torque arm kit for a GM 14 bolt.  It comes in a variety of lengths to fit the many different applications that GM 14 bolts are used for.  The bracketry has been specially designed just for the GM 14 bolt.  The bracket that mounts to the axle has been cut to mount to the axle housing and the tube.  Every leaf spring vehicle we build at our shop ends up with one of these!  This will keep you from getting axle wrap and bending your springs.  The lower tube is 2"x.250" wall DOM, while the upper tube is 1.5"x.219" wall DOM.  Both tubes are fish mouthed and ready to weld to the bushing sleeve at the axle.  On the upper end, they are left long and can be cut to fit your application.  The lower heim joint is a 1.25"x1" chromoly heim joint with our 9/16" high-misalignment spacers and tube insert.  The upper heim is also a chromoly 3/4x5/8" heim joint with our tube insert.   All bushing sleeves, bolts and shackle hardware are included.   

This kit will require welding for installation.  We do NOT supply the cross-member that the upper shackle will mount to.  You will need to strengthen your stock cross-member, or build a new one.  Keep in mind, the shackle can be mounted pointing up or down. 


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WARNING: This kit will require extensive welding, along with a heavy duty cross-member to attach it to.