About Us

WFO Concepts is not a shop with just one focus

Not only do we sell retail off-road parts, but we also focus on high quality custom fabrication.  Since we were established in 2003, we have done work on everything from Harleys, to hotrods and street trucks, to structural steel construction. Owner Trevor Huiskens holds a degree in Manufacturing Technology. Trevor, along with the expert staff, can design and build just about anything. All suspension systems start on the computer being drawn up in Solid Works. Once drawn, we are able to put them through their motions with the help of a virtual CAD model.  From there, we can modify and make changes before the work has even started.

On the 4x4 side, we specialize in highly custom axles, suspension products, and suspension design. We can build just about any axle or suspension package you can think of.  In the past, we have even built GPS controlled agricultural axles.  Not to mention, we have performed numerous “Straight Axle” Conversions on Chevy and Toyota trucks. Past jobs have ranged anywhere from 16” King coil-over suspension, to basic spring-over Jeep conversions. At that same time, we have no problem changing gear ratio’s or installing lockers.

As far as hotrods and street trucks, we have the capability of building just about anything as well. We can narrow just about any axle.  We have built narrowed 9”, 12 bolt, 10 bolt, and 60 axles, as well as custom 4 link rears.  Motor swaps and wiring are not a problem either.

We also manufacture our own line of parts. Not only do we have an in-house CNC machine shop and CNC plasma cutter, but we also work closely with other vendors such as powder coating shops, paint shops, and performance engine builders. With all these capabilities, we are able to produce a very high quality and professional-looking product. Whether it is a steering arm, or a custom 4 link, we always produce a product that not only looks great, but also performs great.

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