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  Tapered Reamer, Chevy Tie-Rod Ends
  R11221  ea $69.99 Qty

1/2" to 1" tapered reamer. 

We use this reamer every day in our shop!  It can be used to ream out your stock pitman arm and knuckles to run the larger Chevy tie-rod ends.  All 4x4 builders should have one of these in his/her toolbox!  It comes with a t-handle but we use this reamer in a cordless drill at very slow speeds.  We always use plenty of cutting oil.  This reamer will NOT ream out a welded knuckle or pitman arm (the weld area is too hard).  However, it works great on knuckles and stock pitman arms.



WARNING: There is no warranty on this reamer. It DOES NOT ream welded material.

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