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  Tapered Reamer, Chevy Tie-Rod Ends
  R11221  ea $71.99 Qty

1/2" to 1" tapered reamer. (#2 Ball joint Reamer)

We use this reamer every day in our shop!  It can be used to ream out your stock pitman arm and knuckles to run the larger Chevy tie-rod ends.  All 4x4 builders should have one of these in his/her toolbox!  It comes with a t-handle but we use this reamer in a cordless drill at very slow speeds.  We always use plenty of cutting oil.  This reamer will NOT ream out a welded knuckle or pitman arm (the weld area is too hard).  However, it works great on knuckles and stock pitman arms.



WARNING: There is no warranty on this reamer. It DOES NOT ream welded material.

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