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9 Inch Rear


9 Inch Rear
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The ford 9” rear is also one of the most widely used rear ends.  Not only does it make a great 4x4 rear axle, but it is also the perfect touch for your hotrod or street rod.   We always have at least 2 or 3 core axles in stock and ready to build.  We can use custom housings, or just rebuild stock ones. We can re-spline shafts, shorten housings, install disc brakes, straighten housings, and install gears and lockers.


Like the 14 bolt, these axles can be found at any junk yard. When searching for a surplus 9”, always remember to get the “big banjo” housing.  They can be built for just about any application. One of the favored features of the 9” is the drop out 3rd member.


Also, remember that most cars had small axle shafts, while most trucks had big bearing, 31 spline shafts.  If you really  want to run large axle shafts,  35 spline and 40 spline is available.   In this case, you will need to start with a Yukon or Strange nodular 3rd member that will accept the larger bearings.  We can build these for you at any time!

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