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U-Bolt Flip Kit For 3.375" Dia Axle Tube, 14 Bolt

WFO 1775-KIT
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This u-bolt kit fits 14 bolt full floating Chevy rear axles with standard Chevy or Jeep leaf springs (NO BLOCKS).  This u-bolt kit comes with two leaf spring plates and 4 u-bolts with nuts and washers.  The spring plates are the universal (WFO 1791) spring plates for 2.5" wide leaf springs.  They are CNC laser cut from 3/8" steel with both ends broke up for strength and silver zinc plated.  The u-bolts are 5/8" thick and come with washers and high nuts.  The U-bolts are 3.375" wide and 9" long.  They have 5" of threads.  U-bolt measurements are measured from inside of the bend to the end of the threads.

WARNING: Please be sure that you check your axle tube diameter to make sure these will fit. Some newer model 14 bolts have larger axle tubes or thicker spring packs.
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