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1350 U-Bolt Style Yoke, 14 Bolt

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1350 U-Bolt Style Yoke, 14 Bolt Full Floating, 10.5" ring gear.  Even the King of all Junkyard axles can use a stronger and better yoke!  One of the few weak links on the 14 bolt axle is the strap style 1350 yokes that most of them came with.  After many broken straps and bolts on the trail, we are happy to sell u-bolt style replacement yokes.  These yokes take standard Dana Spicer 1350 U-bolts.

Remember, the 14 bolt 10.5" rear axle has a crush sleeve.  Be sure not to over torque the pinion nut when installing the new yoke.  The best way not to over torque is to remove the pinion housing and check the pinion pre-load before and after installation of the new yoke. 

Always use red loctite when installing pinion nuts!

WARNING: This yoke will only fit full floating 14 bolts, NOT the semi-float!


1350 Life Series U-Joint

1350 Life Series U-Joint

Price: $27.99
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