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2 Degree Steel Axle Shim, 1.75" Wide

WFO 2.0-1.75
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Shims are sold individually, not in pairs.  Please type in the quantity you need.  

These steel degree shims are designed to change the pinion or caster angle on a leaf sprung vehicle. The shims are 1.75” wide, and work with 1.75” wide leaf spring packs. They are CNC machined from mild steel, Silver Zinc Plated and have a 5/16” center pin hole milled and drilled into them. If you have larger center pins, simply drill the center hole out. THESE SHIMS ARE DESIGNED TO BOLT INTO YOUR LEAF SPRING PACK!

You will need to clamp your springs, remove the center pin, and bolt the shim into the spring pack! If you are using these shims on a front axle, please read the paragraph below on “Caster Angle”.  They are sold individually, not in pairs.  Dimensions below:

WARNING: Note: If you are using these shims to shim a Chevy or Dodge front dana 60, we suggest buying 3 shims. On the differential side, it is best to put one shim in the standard location under the spring, and one shim on the top of the spring pack, facing backwards. This will keep the upper leaf spring plate perpendicular to the studs. If you do not do this, it will put a side load on the studs or bolts that can cause breakage or failure. Simply purchase 3 shims if you have a Dodge or Chevy front 60.

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