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00-10 WFO GM HD 9" SAS Kit using Ford Super Duty Axle (4 Link)

WFO DMAX SAS Kit - Ford Axle - 9"
Shipping: $600 Flat Rate Trucking Only
Pricing: $5,449.00


If you want to lift your 2000-2010 GMC and Chevy 2500HD or 3500 HD truck 9" or more to clear up to a 40" tire, while swapping in a solid front axle, this is the kit for you. This kit is a 4 Link style kit and is designed to utilize the '05-'12 Ford Super Duty D60 solid front axle from a F250-350 4x4 truck. By swapping in a solid front axle, your truck will be able to handle much more hardcore abuse!


The kit does NOT come with a front axle. You will need to source an axle locally, or purchase one from us. We sell as-is core axles, or completely rebuilt front axles. Please call for pricing on axles. Also remember, the lug pattern of the Ford front axle is 8 on 170mm while stock GM is 8 on 6.5". We offer re-drilled new Timken hub bearings and drilled and slotted rotors. These do NOT come with the kit!

Our 9" kit fits both Diesel and Gas 2500 and 3500 HD trucks and is designed to clear 40" tires with 12" travel coil-over shocks. This should allow you around 5" to 6" of up-travel at ride height. This kit also fits 1999-2006 Classic Body Style Suburbans.

Our crossmember is designed for automatic transmissions and would need to be modified to fit manual transmissions.

This is a builders kit for the front of the truck only. This means there will be major fabrication including cutting, welding, and plenty of thinking on your part. It will also require addition drivetrain work to give your truck a functioning 4 wheel drive. For instance, the swaybar end links will need to be cut to your desired length and the tube inserts welded in. We have left these links intentionally long for those of you that would like to use longer shocks and stretch the height taller. Or, you may choose not to run a swaybar at all. Coil-Overs are sold separately.

Transfer Case and front Driveline. The factory GM front driveshaft will NOT work! If you have a 2007 Classic or older, we always suggest doing a custom NP273 or NP271 transfer case swap from Transfer Case Express. This will give you a much larger transfer case that comes with fixed yokes, and can also be clocked down for better front driveline angle. Remember, if you do swap the NP273 or NP271 transfer case, you will need to buy a new front driveline, and a new rear driveline. We always use Driveline Service in Sacramento Ca.

If you have a 2007 or newer body style, the NP271 or NP273 case is not an option. In this situation, you will have no choice but to keep your stock transfer case. The factory front driveshaft will need to be lengthened approximately 2.5" and the supplied conversion U-joint will need to be installed. However, every customer seems to place the front axle in a different place. (This kit will generally push the front axle forward approximately 1" to help clear the tires in the fender well.) We always suggest taking the proper measurements for your application once your kit is installed. If you are lengthening your stock driveline, the yokes WILL need to be clearanced for more angle. This can be done with a dremel style tool. The best option is to let your front axle hang at full droop, then clearance the u-joint ears at each end until the driveline spins free! Even once this is done, the stock style front driveline WILL VIBRATE at any speeds over 15mph. You will be able to use your 4 wheel drive at slow speeds, but never at highway speeds.

Another option for all years of trucks is something called an auto trac front driveline. This is a stub style CV front driveline. They can also be purchased at most driveline shops. Remember, this will also need to be purchased in a high clearance application, and checked at full droop to make sure it does not bind. It will spin much smoother, and cause the least amount of vibration possible.

Gas HD truck models will need to do an exhaust modification on the Driver's side for front driveline clearance.


Note: May NOT work with some after market Twin/Compound Turbo Chargers. In some cases, the second turbo is directly in the way of the shock tower. We have seen many people install twins, however they had to build custom pipes and mounting brackets.

Install time is typically 40 hours.

Welding is required.


* * This kit ships via truck freight.

* * In store pickup available - call to order.




Kit includes:

  • WFO FPC-HD-SB Frame Plates
  • WFO DMAX-CM-KIT Crossmember, Black Powder Coated
  • WFO 5410-PR Pair of Weld-On Shock Towers (Raw Steel)
  • WFO 5405-KIT Universal Coil Over Reservoir Mounts (Raw Steel)
  • WFO 5360-KIT Coil Over Shock Mounts for the Axle Side (Raw Steel)
  • D60002FR Reid Knuckle ('05-'12 axle) for the Passenger Side
  • WFO 1143-TD-KIT HD Steering Arm for Reid Knuckle, Tapered Top Down
  • WFO 1102D Drop Pitman Arm with Hole Tapered
  • WFO DMAX-FSD-LINKS-KIT Ford Super Duty 4 Link Arms (Upper and Lower), Raw Metal
  • WFO DMAX-FSD-Bolt Kit Metric Bolts for the Ford Super Duty Links on the Axle Side
  • Track Bar brackets for the frame and axle end plus a new bent Trackbar, weld-in, raw steel
  • Straight Draglink with one Moog end and one Rare Part FAB Series HD draglink end, raw steel
  • Sway bar link kit, must be welded, raw steel
  • 2-1153 Conversion U-Joint for the Front Driveshaft, 1350 to 3R
  • WFO DMAX-BL-9-KIT Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit for the Front Brakes
  • WFO DMAX-ABS-PIGTAIL-KIT ABS Pigtails to Convert from Ford '05+ Axle to Chevy Wiring Harness



  • WFO DMAX SAS Kit - Ford Axle - 9"
  • WFO DMAX SAS Kit - Ford Axle - 9"
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