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YJ Small Bushing, 1.25" OD, 3/4" ID

DAY M02221BK
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DAY MO2221.  We use this bushing in our shop on a daily basis.  Whether you are building suspension links, track bars, torque arms, motor mounts, tire racks, or just rebuilding leaf springs, this is a bushing that is used all over the offroad industry.  This bushing is black polyurethane, and is made by Daystar.  It slides into 1.25" ID tubing or 1.25" eye leaf springs.  The ID of the bushing has is 3/4", and has slots in it to hold grease.  The larger shoulder is .250" thick and 2" diameter.  The bushings are sold seperately, not in pairs.  When two of these bushings are put together, they are 3" wide from outside to outside.

WARNING: Even though these bushings have a 3/4" ID, we do NOT suggest using 3/4" bolts with them. We always suggest steel bushing sleeves in order to make the bushings last!


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