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DMAX 2011-2019 '05+ Ford Super Duty Radius Arm Links

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These are our WFO Radius arm kits for the 6"-14" Straight Axle Swaps on the 2011-2019 Duramax and HD trucks using a '05-'18 Ford Superduty axle.  These kits are fully welded and ready to install!  The only difference between the lift heights is the location of the tab we weld on the lower link that the upper link swings down into.  We wanted to make this precise so you can dial in the caster correctly.  

The lower links are made out of  2” x .250 wall DOM.  The large clevis ends on the links will bolt directly over the '05-'18 Ford Superduty Rubber Axle Mounts.  On the frame side, we use a Metal Cloak Duroflex joint that is 2 5/8" wide and fits perfectly in our WFO Crossmember.    

The upper links are made out of 1.75” x .250 wall DOM.  The large clevis ends on the links will bolt directly over the '05-'18 Ford Super Duty Rubber Axle Mounts. Where the upper link swings down and attaches to the lower link we provide a 7/8” x 3/4” FK heim joint.  The tabs on the lower links have been welded in the correct location on the lower links so proper caster will be achieved. 

These radius arms are complete and ready to install.  No welding required!  They are raw metal so you will need to paint or powdercoat them.       

This kit includes:

  • Pair of lower and upper links
  • Two, Duroflex Joints 
  • Two, 7/8" x 3/4" FK heim joints
  • Grade 8 hardware for the Duroflex Joints and the heim joints

If needed, we also offer the metric bolts to mount the links to the OEM rubber axle mounts.   See the Related Products below.



GM HD Crossmember, 2011-19

GM HD Crossmember, 2011-19

Price: $575.00
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