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78-91 Ford 60 Brake Brackets, Fits Chevy HD Brakes and ABS

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Ford Dana 60 disc brake bracket that fits Chevy GMC HD factory calipers and rotors.  

These brackets will fit 1979-1991 Ford Dana 60 front axles.  They will allow you to retain your stock single wheel 2000-2010 HD brakes.  They are not a simple "bolt on" setup.  You will really need to pay attention to caliper and speed sensor clearances.  NOTE:  They will not clear 16" wheels.  

Our HD Disk Brake Brackets allow you to run your factory 2000-2010 Chevy HD Rotors and Brakes after swapping in a single wheel Ford front Dana 60 solid axle.  They also have a hole knotched in them so you can run the factory ABS speed sensor if you choose (we highly recommend).  In order to hook your ABS back up, you will also need to purchase our tone rings, speed sensor mounts, and have your wheel hubs machined.  If you send your hubs in, we can do it for you.  We even suggest swapping out the wheel studs to the factory GM 14mm studs.  You can re-use the studs that were in your stock wheel bearings.  They will press right into 80-91 Ford wheel hubs.  If you have 78-79 Ford wheel hubs, you will need to drill out the hubs, before you press the 14mm studs in.

Your Ford wheel hub will need the OD turned down, in order for the rotor to slide over it from the outside, and become a floating rotor.  You will also need to machine near the wheel seal surface, in order to make a spot for the speed sensor to press on.  The sensor will end up pressing on 1/4" past the back surface of the hub.  This keeps it from hitting the spindle nuts.

Lastly, you will also need to cut the center bar out of the caliper slider, just between the bolt holes, and grind one small casting knob off the calipers, in order to get them to slide without knuckle interference.

These brackets are made out of 1/2" Plate.  They come with 1/2" bolts and crush nuts.  

They are sold as a pair (Driver Side - Passenger Side)


Click Here for instructions:  

Ford D60 Machined Hub Tolerances   


WARNING: You will need to cut a small section of your factory Chevy GMC caliper holder out, in order to fit these caliper mounts. You will also need to swap out your wheel studs and get your wheel hubs machined to fit the stock HD rotors. This will NOT work on dually Dana 60 front axles! Single wheel only!


Tone Ring, 55 Tooth

Tone Ring, 55 Tooth

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