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11-19 WFO GM HD 6" SAS Kit using Ford Super Duty Axle (Radius Arm)

WFO DMAX SAS-1118-Kit - Ford Axle - 6" Radius
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This is our 6" lift, Radius Arm, Solid Axle Kit for 2011 to 2019 GM 2500 and 3500 single wheel trucks. It is designed to use a Dana 60 front axle from a 2005 and newer Ford F-250 or F-350 4x4. We choose to build our kits to fit this Ford front axle because they are cheap and easy to find! The axle is sold separately. You can buy one from us, or source one yourself. However, please keep in mind that the 2011 to 2018 trucks have a few very important issues you must work through, in order to create a functioning solid axle swap. These issues are what has taken so long for this kit to come together.

First, remember that the lug pattern is 8 on 180MM on these GM trucks. The Ford front Dana 60 will come with an 8 on 170MM lug pattern. This means your GM wheels will not bolt up to the new Ford Dana 60. The best option is for you to buy our new Timken wheel bearings and rotors that are drilled to the 8 on 180mm lug pattern. These new bearings also come with a plug and play ABS wire. This will allow your GM lug pattern wheels to bolt up to the Ford front axle. You will still need to purchase our rear 60 tooth tone rings as well. The tone rings and the wheel bearings are not in the basic kit, and sold separately.

Another option is to run a 1.5" wheel adapter on your rear axle that changes the lug pattern from 8 on 180mm to 8 on 170mm. Then you would run wheels with the Ford 8 on 170mm lug pattern. In this case, you can use the 2005 and newer Ford front axle exactly as it comes from the factory. If your donor axle is 2012 or older, (the 13 and newer Ford abs wires hook right up to GM), you will just need to purchase a separate ABS pigtail from us, along with our rear 60 tooth tone rings. The wheel adapters can be purchased on ebay or from multiple on-line companies.

There's another problem, the 2011 to 2019 trucks have 48 teeth ABS tone rings, and the Ford axle has 60 tooth tone rings. The truck will immediately go into limp mode if you try to drive with this setup. The front and rear needs to match! This can be dealt with three different ways. The first option is we can sell you our 60 tooth tone rings to install on your 11-18 GM rear axle. This will make it match the stock Ford front unit bearing that has 60 teeth. The second option is, you can buy our custom Dynatrac Free-spin kit for the front Ford Dana 60. It will still keep the lug pattern at 8 on 170mm, but it comes with a custom 48 tooth tone ring to match your stock GM rear axle. This free-spin kit will also upgrade your outer axle shafts to chromoly and give you true greaseable wheel bearings, a live spindle, and comes with Warn 35 spline Locking hubs. With the free-spin kit, you would not need to do anything except adapters on your rear axle to run 8 on 170mm wheels.

This is a basic kit for the front end of the truck only. Our 6" kit fits the Diesel 2500/3500 trucks. We have not tested it on Gas trucks yet. This lift is designed to clear 37" tires and be ran with 8" travel coil-over shocks. We sell the shocks as well, but they are NOT included in the kit.

Our suspension will move the front axle forward approximately 1.5" to help clear the tires in the fender well. The front factory Duramax driveshaft will need to be replaced with a longer, CV slip driveshaft.

We sell core axles separately and offer a machining process to convert the factory ford unit bearings to a 8 on 180 bolt pattern to reuse your current wheels. Give us a call for more information on this service.


* * This kit ships via truck freight.

* * In store pickup available - call to order.



Kit includes:


What you will still NEED that does NOT come in the basic kit:

  • Ford 2005 and Newer Front Dana 60 Axle. Axle F250-D60F
  • 8" Coil Over Shocks 
  • 60 Tooth Tone Rings for your rear axle if you are running stock ford unit bearings or our re-drilled Timken unit bearings on the front axle.
  • CV front driveline
  • Free-spin kit for front axle with 48 tooth if you are not going to change your rear tone rings
  • Rear wheel adapters if you run our front 8 on 170mm free-spin kit, or if you run the stock Ford unit bearings with 8 on 170mm.
  • If you are using a stock Ford front unit bearing, you will need to get our ABS adapter pigtail
  • If you are running the Free-spin kit, you will still need a stock Ford abs wire and our adapter
  • sway bar end links are sold separately if desired. We don't usually run them.



This is a builders kit for the front of the truck only! This means there will be major fabrication including cutting, welding, and plenty of thinking on your part. We always suggest using a certified welder to do the install. This modification will also require additional drivetrain work to give your truck a functioning 4 wheel drive and ABS. Please read the above paragraphs in full! If you plan on running stock GM wheels with the Factory re-drilled Ford or Timken wheel bearings, the wheel may not fit, due to hub bore diameter. All aftermarket wheels seem to fit. This kit requires welding and cutting on the stock frame. You CANNOT put your truck back to stock! The lift height and suggested tire size may not be exact to your tire and wheel application. For instance, if you are running a 12" wide rim with a large off-set, you will need to run a much smaller tire than suggested in order to stop your tires from rubbing when you turn. Otherwise, you will need to go with the taller lift kit!



  • WFO DMAX SAS-1118-Kit - Ford Axle - 6" Radius
  • WFO DMAX SAS-1118-Kit - Ford Axle - 6" Radius
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