WFO GM HD 1999-2010 SAS Brake Line Kits

Product Information

Price Range: $125.00 - $130.00


Our GM HD SAS Brake Lines are constructed using a unique 5 layer design. The rugged 5 layer construction gives these lines superior resistance to shock and road hazards. The 5 layers virtually eliminate expansion giving you immediate pedal response - not 'soft' like you will find with other brake lines. The stainless steel layer is covered in a smoke gray colored vinyl protective layer.

DOT approved!

Our brake line kits are designed around the '05+ Ford Super Duty Axle so they come with a 3/8" banjo end with a 3/8"-24 banjo bolt. If you're using a different axle, confirm your banjo bolt size and thread pitch.


NOTE: 2007 was a transition year. For 2007 Classic GMT800 platform vehicles, choose the 1999-2007 option.  For 2007 NBS GMT900 platform vehicles, choose the 2007-2010 option.