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YJ Small Bushing Kit

Inner Bushing Sleeve Size
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WFO 4251-kit.  This bushing and sleeve kit is designed for the do-it-yourself home builder.  The kit comes with one YJ small weld-on bushing sleeve, two YJ small bushings, and your choice of 1/2" or 9/16" bushing sleeves.  Remember most Jeep leaf springs use 9/16" bolts on the spring hanger end, and 1/2" bolts on the shackle end.  If you are using this for a rear torque arm, we suggest going with the larger 9/16" bolts.

Includes: 1 x WFO 4251, 2 x DAY MO2221, and your choice between WFO 4260 and WFO 4261.  The overall width is 3"

WARNING: Be sure to remove the bushings from the sleeve before welding. The bushings will melt!
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