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YJ Large Aluminum Set Up Bushing, 3/4" ID Hole

WFO 4273
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These are YJ large aluminum setup bushings.    

These aluminum setup bushings are for 1.5" ID tubing.  They allow you to mock up and weld your brackets on without destroying your polyurethane bushings.  They have a 3/4" hole in them so you can use either one of our bushing sleeves or a 3/4" bolt to hold them in place while you weld.

The shoulder is slightly thicker than our poly bushings so the poly bushings will slide in easy after setup.  We use these for building torque arm kits, welding sleeves through frames, or setting up links and controI arms for our YJ Large bushings.  They can be used over and over again so they are a great tool to have in your toolbox!



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