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Transfer Case Clocking Ring Kit

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Transfer Case Clocking Ring Kit. 

We have used this clocking ring to clock many different transfer cases in the past.  It is the standard round pattern that Jeep, Late Chevy, Ford and Dodge use.  

The clocking ring is 3/4" thick.  

The Allen bolts hold the ring to the front of the transfer case, and the studs go into the transmission adapter.  The socket head allen screws we supply are 3/8x16.  Beware, some transfer cases have a metric thread pitch.  You may need to get your own socket head cap screws to fit your transfer case.

Our Kit comes complete with:

  • Clocking Ring;
  • 6 bolts
  • 6 studs and 6 nuts
  • 2 gaskets. 


WARNING: This ring will move your transfer case 3/4" back. Most transfer cases have plenty of splines in the input shaft, but the drivelines might need work!
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