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Toyota to Chevy Master Cylinder Adapter

WFO 1591
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Did you convert your '79-'95 Toyota to 1 ton brakes with larger tires and now the brakes are mushy?  We have the solution!

The answer is to run a Chevy Master Cylinder so you can push more fluid to the brakes.   Our adapter bracket allows you to bolt the Chevy Master Cylinder to your Toyota Booster.


  • Adapter
  • (2) 3//8" bolts, washers and lock washers
  • Pushrod



NOTE:  In our shop, we use the MC39445 Master Cylinder which you can pick up at your local Auto Parts Store.  You will also also have to purchase one adapter #7818 to adapt the rear port from 7/16" to 3/16".  Then you will need to cut the metric tube nuts off your stock Toyota brake lines, and re-flare 3/16" tube nuts on them.

WARNING: This price is for the adapter bracket only. Master Cylinder NOT included.
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