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Machined, Timken Unit Bearing for '05+ Axle in '00-'10 DMAX/HD

TK SP940200-M
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The 2005-2016 Ford Superduty axle is a popular axle to put into a Chevy Duramax during a Straight Axle Swap.,  But the wheel hub bolt pattern will not match your current wheel bolt pattern on the Chevy DMAX.  Well, we have the solution for you! 

This is a brand new Timken unit bearing for the '05-16 Ford Superduty Axle that has been machined from 8 on 170mm to the commonly found 8 on 6.5

These unit bearings will NOT fit the inner diameter of a stock Chevy wheel.  Therefore, you would not be able to reuse your stock OEM wheels or your spare tire.  

Sold individually.

NOTE:  There have been some years of trucks the ABS light comes on after installing these Timken Unit Bearings.  We have found the solution is to reuse your stock Chevy ABS sensors (wires).  So, when removing the IFS from the truck, keep the stock Chevy ABS sensors (wires).  You may need to reuse them in place of the ABS sensors that come on this Timken Unit Bearing.  If this happens, we will need to switch your ABS pigtails you received in our SAS kit to a Chevy to Chevy style so they are long enough.  


Machined, Brake Rotor for '05+ Axle

Machined, Brake Rotor for '05+ Axle

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