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GM HD, Upper Coil Spring Towers for Frame

WFO 5412-PR
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Finally, OEM style coil spring and shock towers for those of you who would rather run coil springs and standard shocks with our Solid Axle Kits.  These towers can be substituted in our 2000-2010 GM HD Solid Axle Swap kits.  They are designed to work with the '05+ Ford Superduty D60 axle from a F250-350 truck.

When installed on a 2000-2010 GM HD truck, the orientation of these towers will allow the use of factory Ford F-250/350 springs and shocks in conjuction with a 2" leveling spacer and shock extension.  This setup with the leveling spacers will net you around 3" of lift on your Solid Axle Swap.  This can change slightly depending on the shape of the used coils, and the weight of your truck.  We always suggest using new aftermarket 2.5" or more lifted coil springs.  Many companies make these.  Just remember to order shocks and springs that would go together as a package on the factory Ford setup.  For example, 3" lifted Carli coils and their suggested shocks for that spring.

Regardless of which coil spring you choose to run, you will need to run an OEM upper coil spring isolator. We suggest Ford part # 5C3Z5415AA.  At this time, we do not sell these.

These towers may also be a good option for many other custom suspension builds on different vehicles. They are specifically designed to work with our frame plates on our GM HD SAS kits. However, we do see the potential for a customer to use these as a universal upper mount on any project using the popular 2005+ Ford Superduty Dana 60 front axle.  


  • Pair of CNC plasma cut towers, constructed and welded from 1/4" P&O Plate steel
  • Towers each have a 3" OD piece of tubing welded to the underside to hold the isolator 
  • Shock mount is designed to run a "stem style" shock, just like factory Ford setup.
  • Lower shock eye will mount in the factory location on the back of the '05+ Ford Superduty Axle
  • When ordering your own coils and shocks, order the lift height and shock length to match, as if it was on a Ford truck still.


NOTE:  As of right now, we have only tested these towers on the 2000-2010 GM/HD Diesel Models.  We will be testing them on the 2011-2019 Models soon.  


WARNING: These need to be welded on!


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