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D60 Heavy Duty Adjustable Double High Steer Arm Set with 3/4" Hole and studs

WFO 1120HDA-KIT-34
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D60 Heavy Duty Adjustable High Steer Arm Double Set, 3/4" Holes with 8 Studs and Nuts

Dana 60 Heavy Duty Double Adjustable Double Arms.  These steering arms are our most popular selling Dana 60 steering arm.  We made the first set of these arms in 1999 for the Dana 60 front axle we swapped into our '89 Chevy.  These steering arms are designed to put the tie-rod behind the axle, and the draglink across the front of the axle.  This will allow you to move your axle forward without having any interference with the pitman arm and the tie-rod.  These arms work great in Jeep CJ and YJ applications, as well as full size Chevy trucks.

This HDA version has an adjustable upper set screw for pre-loading the kingpin.  The spring that is used from the factory can contribute to "death wobble" when it deflects.  With the HDA arms, the spring is removed and replaced by a washer and set screw.  This will allow you to tighten your knuckle pre-load at any time as the kingpin bushing wears out.

These arms have a straight 3/4" hole for heim joints.   



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