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Gears & Install Kits - 14 Bolt Gear Kits

14 Bolt Gear Kits, already set up and ready to go, with u-bolt yokes and dial indicator!

If you are the do-it-yourself type, there is no reason you can't set up your own gears in your 14 bolt.  Simply send in your pinion support as a core and we can send you any gear ratio, ready to go.  With a little patience and some basic wrenches, you can be on the road!  We will install new pinion bearings and a new u-bolt style 1350 yoke.  We set the pre-load to the proper setting before sending it back to you.  We also supply the needed shims, marking compound, and a new magnetic dial indicator for setting backlash!  All you will need is a spanner tool to turn the carrier spanners.