WFO Concepts - Tube Flanges

Brackets/Shock Tabs & Mounts - Tube Flanges

Tube flanges give you the ability to make parts removable.  They can be especially useful when building an exo-cage.  We have tube flanges for a variety of tubing sizes.  These parts are all laser cut from 1/4" steel which allows for a high degree of precision and accuracy.  Laser cutting ensures that the bolt holes and tubing hole are exactly the size they should be.  Other tubing flanges may be plasma cut and will have loose tolerances for all the holes.

We offer tube flanges in two designs: four bolt and two bolt.  The two bolt design is fairly common and is used when tubes need to be removable.  The four bolt design is much less common.  We came up with this design so the tubes could still be removed, but now they are able to handle load bearing situations with more confidence.