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WFO 2018 JL 1 ton Rubicon

WFO Built 2018 Fully Loaded 1 Ton Jeep JL Rubicon FOR SALE!  $94,000

This is a JL that we built for Starwood Motors to take to Easter Jeep Safari last year.  Over the last 6 months, this Jeep has been driven to many different events.  It has run the Rubicon trail one time, and many of the trails in Moab.  Even though it has been 4 wheeled a few times, it is still in perfect shape.  The Jeep currently has 4000 miles on it.  It is a completely loaded model.  Has black leather interior, back up Camera, heated seats, heated steeering wheel, upgraded stereo!  This Jeep is a daily driver on 40" tires that can run the Rubicon in style!



Here are a few of the things it has:

  • WFO 3.5" Custom Long arm kit
  • Fox 2.5 remote reservoir shocks with DSC adjusters (not even on market yet)
  • Dynatrac Pro-Rock Dana 60 front axle 5.38 gears, locker
  • Dynatrac Pro-Rock Dana 80 rear axle 5.38 gears, locker
  • 40" BFG crawler tires on Method 17" Forged beadlocks
  • ARB ice chest mounted to back door
  • Spare tire Delete kit
  • Front and rear Rage 4th bumpers
  • Warn Winch with synthetic rope
  • Rigid LED 20" light bar in front bumper
  • Rigid Pod lights in front bumper
  • Rigid Pod lights on A pilar
  • Rigid back up lights in rear bumper
  • ARB twin air compressor mounted in front bumper
  • Taser programmer
  • 1350 front and rear CV drivelines


The Back Story:

A few months ago WFO Concepts flew out to Texas to meet with Starwood Motors.  The focus was to help them develop a “West Coast” purpose built Jeep that can handle the snow filled Sierra Nevada mountains and the rocky Rubicon Trail.  A few phone calls and 3 airline tickets later, there was a meeting of the minds at a hotel bar in Dallas!  Three individuals started sketching this new Jeep build on a bar napkin over drinks and wings.  The three man panel consisted of Starwood’s own Tyler McQuarrie (professional drift car driver), Jason Scherer, (2 time King of the Hammers winner), and Trevor Huiskens (owner of WFO Concepts in Auburn, California).  The three different minds came together and birthed the idea of Starwood’s “West Coast” Jeep builds.

It was Tyler’s focus to set the bar high when it comes to street performance.  As a professional drifter and race car driver who spends 90% of his seat time over 100mph, the handing and performance of the vehicle was his top priority.   So many Jeeps can look amazing and have awesome parts, but that doesn’t mean they drive great on the highway.  Tyler was there to make sure that the “West Coast” Jeeps drive just as good as they look.  His major focus was on steering, braking, and handling.  As a guy that had never driven a lifted 4x4 on 37” tires, getting Tyler's approval was not an easy process!  However, Tyler is more than happy with the outcome of the West Coast Starwood Motor Jeeps built by WFO Concepts!

Jason’s job was to make sure Tyler understood that we were not going to compromise the off-road performance!  Jason's extensive off-road driving background includes winning the King of the Hammers twice, winning multiple rock crawling championships, and racing in such races as the Baja 1000 and Vegas to Reno.  Jason was there to make sure this Jeep was ready to suck up the whoops in the desert and go slow in the rocks.  He was very adamant about coming up with the proper shock, suspension and tire package.  Jason’s influence pushed us in the direction of Fox shocks, BFG tires, and a long travel suspension.

With the on-highway and off-highway requirements of these two completely different race car drivers, it was Trevor’s job to put together a Jeep that could check the boxes on both of their lists.  For that last 15 years, WFO Concepts in California has been building custom Jeeps, specifically for running the Rubicon Trail and other treacherous trails of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  WFO’s focus is one of performance and driveability.  Basically, a Jeep that can been driven as a daily driver, and still go run the Rubicon.  This is exactly the type of Jeep that Jason and Tyler had dreamed up.  As many of you may know, building a true “do everything” Jeep is not easy.   After more than 100 hours of research and development, the end result that Starwood and WFO Concepts have built is perfect!  All three minds finally agree that these Jeeps are true “West Coast” Jeeps.  They are ready to run the Rubicon Trail, tow the jet skis to the lake, take a high profile client out to dinner, or become the coolest soccer mom daily driver in town!


Financing Available through Starwood Motors!

Generally you will need to put 15% down for easy approval.  It's just one payment a month from there!


For More Information...

Call the WFO shop at 530-268-9494 during normal business hours.
Or on nights and weekends you can call or text 530-308-2485.