Dana 44 / 10 Bolt Flat Top Knuckle, Passenger Side, 4 Hole, Bottom Up Taper

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Price Range: $250.00 - $395.00

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Product Information

Introducing our factory replacement passenger side flat-top knuckle. CNC milled, drilled, and tapped to 9/16” x 18 threads. This knuckle boasts a thicker and stronger casting compared to the factory knuckles, ensuring enhanced durability. Additionally, it features an added 4th hole to accommodate aftermarket steering arms.

Whether you opt for the factory steering arm tapered from the top down or bottom up, this knuckle is perfect for high-steer conversions. However, if you plan on utilizing cross-over steering and connecting your factory tie-rod, please consider the following details before selecting the appropriate version:

  • All Chevy Dana 44 axles from 1971 to 1976 had "top down" taper. 
  • On all Jeep Wagoneer front axles, the taper was also "top-down."
  • All Chevy Dana 44 axles from 1977 to 1991 were tapered from the "bottom up" and did not have a flat-top knuckle on the passenger side. If you are putting this on a 1977-1991 front axle, please select one with "bottom up" taper.


PLEASE NOTE: This knuckle has 6 spindle studs and will not fit Dodge, Ford, or Scout 44 front axles. Be sure that the axle you are installing this knuckle on uses 6 bolt spindles!