Dana 44 / 10 Bolt Flat Top Knuckle, Driver Side, 4 Hole, Top Down Taper

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Price Range: $250.00 - $395.00

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Product Information

Introducing our factory replacement driver side flat-top knuckle. CNC milled, drilled, and tapped to 9/16” x 18 threads. This knuckle boasts a thicker and stronger casting compared to the factory knuckles, ensuring enhanced durability. Additionally, it features an added 4th hole to accommodate aftermarket steering arms.

This knuckle is perfect for high-steer conversions! However, if you plan on utilizing cross-over steering and connecting your factory tie-rod, please note that we only offer this driver side knuckle with tie rod hole tapered from the top down. Consider the following details before selecting the appropriate version:

  • All Chevy Dana 44 axles from 1971 to 1976 had "top down" taper. 
  • On all Jeep Wagoneer front axles, the taper was also "top-down."
  • All Chevy Dana 44 axles from 1977 to 1991 were tapered from the "bottom up" and did not have a flat-top knuckle on the passenger side. Our driver side knuckle will not work for this application.


PLEASE NOTE: This knuckle has 6 spindle studs and will not fit Dodge, Ford, or Scout 44 front axles. Be sure that the axle you are installing this knuckle on uses 6 bolt spindles!