1310 CV Yoke, 300/20, 26 Spline

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Price Range: $65.00 - $73.00

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Product Information

1310 CV Yoke, 300/20, 26 Spline. If you want to run a CV style front or rear driveline, this is the yoke you will need. In order to run a CV style driveline, you have to change the yoke at the transfer case! This yoke fits the most popular 1310 CVO style front and rear drivelines. Some common transfer cases that this will work on are: Jeep, Bronco, and Scout Dana 20 transfer cases. Also Jeep and Scout Dana 300 transfer cases.

We offer the Yoke by itself or with four, 5/16"-24, 12 point flanged driveline bolts.

Be careful not to mix up a the standard 1310 yoke, and the CV 1310 yoke. If you are not sure what yokes you have, or what yoke you need, it is easy to tell the difference. A standard 1310 yoke will have a rectangle shape to it. The CV yokes always have two slightly rounded sides. If you look at the yoke straight on, you will see this on the sides closest to the mounting bolts.

Caution: This yoke will only work with Open Style, 1310 CV drivelines! It will not work with a standard style u-joint driveline.