2.5" King Coil Overs


We use 2.5" King Coil Overs with Remote Reservoirs for our GM HD Straight Axle Swaps.

We worked with King and came up with a our special tuning to create what we think is the best ride quality on your GM straight axle swap.

Each of the shocks come with a 90 degree fitting for the remote reservoir so it can easily be mounted up and out of the way. The shocks have slide over rubber bumps and 1.5" wide mounting service.




Our 8" Travel Kings are Single rate with:

  • 18" x 400lb spring rates.
  • 16" Compressed length/ 24" Extended length


Our 10" Travel Kings are Dual Rate Coil Springs with:

  • 6" x 500 lb and 16" x 400 lb.
  • 18.375" Compressed length/ 28.375" Extended length


Our 12" Travel Kings are Dual Rate Coil Springs with:

  • 10" x 400 lb and 16" x 500 lb.
  • 20.65" Compressed length/ 32.65" Extended length



These are sold as a pair and include the coil springs. They are charged with Nitrogen and ready to install!