Jeep CJ Shackle Reversal Kits

Product Information

Price Range: $276.25 - $520.00


This is a shackle reversal kit for 76-86 Jeep CJ.  The front hanger is all one piece and is designed to use Jeep YJ Wrangler 2.5" wide leaf springs.  It bolts to the bottom of the frame catching the steering box bolts and the front bumper bolts.  Once the hanger is mounted, holes must be drilled through the frame to mount the shackles. Bushing sleeves are welded into the holes and the shackles pivot through the center of the frame.  The kit can be ordered with 4", 5", or 6" shackles.

This kit comes with everything you need for a shackle reversal on your CJ if you are a decent garage fabricator!  Once the location of the front box drop is determined, we suggest welding it on as well.  Keep in mind, the entire kit is NOT bolt-on!  The shackle sleeves must be drilled and welded through the frame.  This is much better than some other kits that bolt the shackles under the frame.  This helps keep your spring angles and suspension geometry better.  It also allows you to move the axle as far forward as possible! 

You can order the kit with of 4", 5", or 6" shackles. You also have the option to include a heavy duty steering box mount (see warning for more information).

Kit includes:
6 - 9/16" bolts and nyloc nuts
2 - WFO 4250-9 (inner and outer bushing sleeves with bushings)
1 - CJ box drop
1 - Shackle kit (4", 5", or 6")
1 - Heavy duty steering box mount by M.O.R.E. (optional)


WARNING: These kits require the use of a welder and hole saw to sleeve the shackle bushing through the frame! They are built to use YJ springs, NOT CJ springs. Depending what bumper you are running, you might need to modify the mounting of your bumper. You also may need the CJ HD box mount that moves the steering box 1" forward. It just depends on your steering setup and the clearances you end up with.