Full High Steer Inverted T Kit

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Price Range: $365.00 - $455.00

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Product Information

WFO Inverted T Kit - We offer this kit two different ways. A complete kit with the DOM or, if you want to save on shipping cost, we sell the kit with just the Moog ends and no DOM.

This kit is set up for single holed steering arms. We use a double pivot drag link end at the pitman arm to maximize the amount of articulation that can be achieved. The drag link comes from the pitman arm and ties into the tie rod end on the passenger's side (it does not connect into the tubing). The tie rod uses a tie rod end at the driver's side and a special tie rod end at the passenger's side that has a hole in it so the drag link can connect into it.

We use 1.5" O.D. x.250" wall DOM tubing in our kit. If you purchase the complete kit with DOM, it will come with a 3 foot stick and a 4 foot stick of DOM. All you have to do is cut the tube to length, weld in the supplied tube inserts, thread the tie rod and drag link ends in, set your toe, and your finished!

Our tube inserts are built with a hex for easy adjustment of the tie rod and drag link. The tubing comes long enough for almost all applications. If you think you're going to need more tubing, call us and we'll get you what you need. All of the draglink & tierod ends are MOOG.