2.5" Fox Coil Overs


We use 2.5" Fox Coil Overs with Remote Reservoirs for our GM HD Straight Axle Swaps.

We R&D'd several different coil rates and came up with the tuning below to create what we think is the best ride quality on a Duramax after a straight axle swap.  Chevy HD's will need a different spring rate (call for assistance).


Our 8" Travel Fox Coil-overs run a Single rate Eibach Coil spring:   18" x 400lb spring rates.  

Our 10" Travel Fox Coil-overs run Dual Rate Eibach Coil Springs: 6" x 500 lb and 16" x 400 lb.

Our 12" Travel Fox Coil-overs run Dual Rate Eibach Coil Springs:  10" x 400 lb and 16" x 500 lb.

These are sold as a pair and include the coil springs.  They are charged with Nitrogen and ready to install!