10 Bolt Dana 44 Cross-Over Steering Kit, Fullsize, Straight Draglink

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Price Range: $760.00 - $905.00

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Product Information

10 Bolt Chevy / Dana 44 cross-over steering kit. From 1977 to 1987 all full width Chevy/GMC 10 bolt and Dana 44 front axles did not come with a passenger side "flat top" knuckle. In order to install cross-over steering you need a "flat top" knuckle. This kit comes with everything you will need to install cross-over steering with one of the above axles.

This kit fits 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton front axles. This comes with a 3.5' straight draglink tube. The draglink is also extra long in order to fit 4" to 10" lifted trucks. You will need to cut the draglink to your desired length and weld the hex shaped tube inserts into the 1.5"x.250 wall DOM tubing.

Kit includes:
- 1 New flat top knuckle that is milled/drilled/and tapped. (The knuckle is tapered from the bottom up in order for the stock Chevy tie-rod to be re-installed),
- WFO 1104M drop pitman arm
- MOOG ES2026R and ES2027L draglink ends
- Pair of tube inserts (welding required)
- 1.5" cross-over steering arm that is 7" long (with steering arm studs/nuts/cones),
- 3.5' draglink tube from 1.5"x.250 wall DOM tubing.
- This kit comes either with or without MOOG ball joints and spindle studs/nuts installed

This will also work on 1988-1998 Chevy trucks with straight axle swaps using the above year front axles.



WARNING: The straight draglink will hit the factory cross-member on '73-'87 Chevy/GMC full-size trucks.