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WFO "Get Some" Kingpin Remover

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Have you ever tried to remove the kingpin from your Dana 60 only to find that it's frozen in place?  If not, consider yourself lucky! 

Normally, trying to remove the kingpin is quite an ordeal.  This tool makes getting the kingpin out a breeze.  All you do is slide the tool over the kingpin, weld it to the kingpin, then get out your BFH (hammer).  The kingpin spins right out, and you install the new one. 

You will need two tools if you plan to do both sides.  One of the images above shows the tool brand new.  The other image is how the tool will appear after you've welded it to the kingpin and removed the kingpin.


Dana 60 Upper Kingpin

Dana 60 Upper Kingpin

Price: $19.99
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