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Toyota Tacoma & 4 Runner Crossmember, '95.5-'04

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This is our Toyota Tacoma/4 Runner 3 Piece Crossmember.  This is an easy solution for those looking to Straight Axle their '95.5-'04 Toyota Tacoma or 4 Runner.   We usually run a Radius Arm setup on all of our builds, but you could use this as a good base for a 3 link set up by mounting your lower links to the crossmember then add one upper 3rd link and mount it under the frame or, you could even create a triangulated 4 link.  

This crossmember is the new mounting point for your lower links and your Transmission / Transfer Case.  The center section conveniently removes so you can easily service your Transmission without removing links.

We have successfully used this crossmember with an Atlas Transfer Case but we did have to massage the tube of the truck to help clearance for the taller transfer case.  

On a 4 Runner, you'll need to cut off our locating tabs on the frame mounts so they sit flush on the frame.  

The crossmember includes:

  • Driver, Passenger and Center Section
  • Grade 8 hardware to bolt three pieces together

The crossmember ships Raw Metal so you will need to paint it after you weld it on the frame!

NOTE:  Has NOT been tested with dual cases.  We will be working on this so check back.

Click here for Instructions:  

WARNING: Welding Required!


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