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Tapered Bushing, GM Tierod

DM 5950
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This is for a single, Tapered Bushing Sleeve for a GM 1 ton Tierod End.  

If you have through holes drilled in your steering parts for heim joints or if you have oversized holes drilled out in your knuckles, it's pretty tough to go back to tie rod ends. This sweet little tapered bushing will make that job a whole lot easier!  

You will need to drill a 7/8" (.875) hole then press in this bushing sleeve.  The O.D. of the bushing sleeve uncompressed is .880.  The slit allows it to compress and fit snuggly in the hole you drilled.  Now, you can run a GM 1 ton Tierod End!

Sold Individually.


Tech information:

  • Top of taper uncompressed is .754
  • Bottom of taper uncompressed is .650
  • Overal height is .850



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