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Superlift 1104, Machined for Chevy Draglink Taper

WFO 1104M
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This is the pitman arm we use in our 9" DMAX Straight Axle Swap Kit.

This is a machined version of the popular Superlift 1104 Pitman arm.  We use this pitman arm with almost every Chevy truck cross-over or high-steer kit.  The pitman arm is re-tapered to fit stock Chevy double pivot draglink ends, (ES2026R, ES2027L).  This is a larger, thicker pitman arm that works great with full size or heavy vehicles.  It has approximately 3" of drop, and is 7" from center of sector shaft, to center of hole.  It will fit most standard Saginaw steering boxes found in Jeep, Scout, and 2wd Chevy trucks.  It has no master splines on it.

Because it does not have master splines, you will need to center your steering box before installing pitman arm.

The taper in this Pitman arm will also accept the stock 2005+ factory draglink end. This allows it to be used with factory ford steering linkage. 


Drag Link and Tie Rod Kit

Drag Link and Tie Rod Kit

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Chevy 88-98 3/4t 31.5" Wide, SAS

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