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NP231-Slip Yoke Eliminator New Process 231J Fixed Yoke Kit

AA 50-7906
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This Heavy Duty Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit by Advance Adapters Fits Jeep NP231 transfer cases.  This kit features a new 1 3/8" - 32 spline rear output shaft,  356-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy tailhousing, 1310 CV Yoke, bearings, fastening hardware and detailed instructions.

Advance Adapters has designed this Heavy Duty fixed yoke output shaft with the most current design shaft found in New Process Gear NP231.  This current design shaft was introduced in 1997.  Jeep vehicles using the early NP231 can still use the kit, providing the needle bearingsa re removed from the stock drive sprockets.  


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