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Ford Dana 60 Front U-Bolt Flip Kit

WFO 1794-KIT
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This is a u-bolt flip kit for 78-97 Ford Dana 60 front axles.  This kit comes with four u-bolts and two 3" wide leaf spring plates that are silver zinc plated.  We use this kit when installing 78-97 Ford Dana 60 front axles.  You will need to notch your axle housing on the lower rib, in order to keep the large u-bolt from sliding.  Even if you are planning on using 2.5" leaf springs with your Ford axle, we still sell the kit with 3" leaf spring plates in order to allow the u-bolts to fit around the 3" axle perches. 

If you are using this kit as a direct replacement on a 1980-97 F-350, you will also need to purchase a few shock mounts to weld to the upper spring plate.  Its not a perfect fit, but we have trimmed the WFO 5306 angled shock tabs and welded them to the spring plates.

Kit Includes: three 3.125"x8"x5/8" u-bolts nuts and washers, two WFO 1794 3" leaf spring plates, and one 4"x10"x5/8" u-bolt nuts and washers.

WARNING: This kit requires some grinding on the lower lip of the housing to allow the large u-bolt to fit.
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