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Ford 44 Knuckles, Pair

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Pair of Ford Dana 44, right and left hand flat-top steering knuckles, 4 hole, 5 bolt spindle. 

Ford never made a factory 1/2 ton, Dana 44, flat top knuckle.  However, from 1975 to 1979 all 3/4 ton Ford 44 front axles had flat top knuckles with 5 bolt spindles.  If you try to use the 3/4 ton knuckles with half ton brakes and outers, it won't fit.  Due to the lack of steering options for the 1/2 tons, Reid Racing built these replacement knuckles that will fit both the 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton Ford 44's.  These knuckle are "Made in the USA" and are cast thicker and stronger than factory knuckles.  The top is cast flat and milled, drilled, and tapped for 4 hole steering arms.  (3 hole steering arms will still work fine.)  The new knuckles also have dual steering stops.

The factory Ford 1/2 ton 44 knuckle was cast with a few different tie-rod tapers and tie-rod location.  Due to this we suggest buying these knuckles in pairs to ensure that the right and left sides match properly.

WARNING: These knuckles will only work with Ford 5 bolt spindles and outers.


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