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Dana 44 Stud/Nut/Cone Kit

Standard or Tall Height
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If you're doing cross-over or full high steer on a Dana 44 axle and didn't buy one of our kits that includes the hardware, then this is what you're going to need.  

  • The standard kit (WFO 1250) will fit any of our steering arms with a 1/2" spacer or less.
  • If you're using a 1" or taller spacer you need to use our Tall Dana 44 studs - WFO 1250T.
  • These are sold in a set of three.
  • Standard height studs are 3" tall and the Tall Studs are 4" tall



D44 Armless Knuckles

D44 Armless Knuckles

Price: $438.00
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