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D44 Right Side Dual Hole High Steer Arm

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Dana 44 Dual Hole Steering Arm - Right Side.

This steering arm is tapered for Chevy tie-rod ends and is made from 1" steel.  It works great on Toyota trucks with Dana 44 front axles, or Scouts or Land Cruisers running longer pitman arms such as Wagoneer pitman arms. 

We don't like to use these in Jeep CJ or YJ applications due to the interference between the pitman arm and tie-rod that is caused by using the necessary longer pitman arm.  If you want to use these in CJ's or YJ's, you will need to move your steering box forward for sure!

Also, in most spring over applications, these arms are not tall enough for the steering to clear the leaf springs.  We suggest at least 1/2" spacers, and maybe even 1" spacers.

WARNING: Due to that fact that these arms are only 1" thick, you will most likely need to run steering arm spacers.
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