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Jeff's FJ-40

The Project:

Jeff's FJ-40 Running Gear


The Build:

Jeff's stock FJ-40 Land Cruiser running gear was just not holding anymore.  When the FJ-40 came to us, it had: TBI Chevy 350; SM420; Crawl Box; Cruiser T-Case; and built Cruiser axles on leaf springs. After many years of running the Rubicon Jeff's running gear was proving to be the weak link.  Jeff had already scored some great deals on some rebuilt coil overs, an Atlas 4 speed, and a Chevy D60 & 14 bolt combo.  After we built the axles, Jeff decided to have us link up both the front and rear.  We also installed a Turbo 400 with his newly acquired Atlas 4 speed.  When we were finished, this ended up being a full body linked Cruiser with full hydro steer.