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Dana 60 Full Hydro Arms with Studs/Nuts & Heims

WFO 1113HDLA-34-HK
Pricing: $550.00


Dana 60 Heavy Duty Kingpin High-Steer Arms for Full Hydro.  These arms are CNC machined from 1x3 mild steel.  They are designed to remove the upper kingpin spring, and replace it with an adjustable set screw and jam nut.  Removing the upper spring helps stop death wobble and eliminates upper spring deflection.  It also allows you to adjust your kingpin pre-load at any time without removing any parts.  As the bushing wears, simply back the nut loose and adjust the pre-load set screw. 

These arms come in a pair and have a distinct right and left arm to help keep proper Ackerman angle.  The arms have 10 degrees milled off of each end to correct for kingpin inclination.  All pairs of steering arms come with the 5th hole already machined in them to fit Reid Racing or Deadenbear knuckles.  The outer hole in the steering arm is drilled and tapped to 3/4"-16 to attach a heim joint.  By tapping the arm the bolt will thread into the arm.  

These arms are 7.5" long from the center of the kingpin to the center of the steering link hole.  We have found that this length matches up great with an 8" throw hydraulic steering ram and should allow you full steering from lock to lock.

All WFO steering arms have 1/2" mounting holes in them and are ONLY designed to use studs and tapered nuts.  We sell ARP studs and nuts,  However,  if you would like to use your stock studs and nuts that come factory on the drivers side of a Chevy or Dodge 60, please let us know.  Even though the stock studs will work fine they have a small shoulder on them so the arms will need to be drilled to 17/32" instead of 1/2".


This Kit includes:
WFO 1111HDLA-34: D60 Heavy Duty Adjustable High Steer Arm, Long, 3/4-16" Hole, LH (Qty: 1)
WFO 1112HDLA-34: D60 Heavy Duty Adjustable High Steer Arm, Long, 3/4-16" Hole, RH (Qty: 1)
WFO 1100-HDA: D60 3/8" Spacer For HDA Arms (Qty: 2)
DAN37307: D60 Kingpin Cap Gasket (Qty: 2)
SSS-34F134P: 3/4-16 Set Screw For HDA Arms (Qty: 2)1095K65: Grease Zerk (Qty: 2)
WFO 1153: D60 High Steer Studs (Qty: 8)
WFO 1152: D60 High Steer Nuts (Qty: 8)
XMR12: 3/4" x 3/4" RH Male Heim Joint (Qty: 2)
WFO 750-25: 3/4" x 1/4" Heim Spacer - 3/4x.250 Straight Spacer with Tapered End (Qty: 2)
WFO 1751-R: 3/4"-16 RH Threaded Tube Insert, 1" I.D. Tube (Qty: 2)
WFO 3416-R: 3/4"-16 Jam Nut, Right Hand - 3/4"-16 Jam Nut, Right Hand (Qty: 2)
BOLT, 3/4-16 x 3" GRADE 8: Bolt, 3/4-10 x 3" Grade 8 (Qty: 2)


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