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Transfer Case Clocking Ring Kit for a 2011-2018 GM HD Trucks

Pricing: $399.00


This is an aluminum clocking ring kit for the 2011-2018 GM Transfer case, MP1625.

This plate allows you to clock your transfer case down approximately 20 degrees. This will help with the extreme angles which are created when you put a solid front axle in your 2011-2018 GM trucks. Keep in mind, this only helps, it does not fix the vibration completely. For the 9" and 12"- 14" kit's it's a MUST have if you want to run a front driveline.

If you have the 6" kit and you have a CV style front driveline built, you will be able to go 65mph in 4 high, with little or no vibration.

If you have the 9" kit, you will still need to have the new CV front driveline clearanced for high angle. At highway speeds in 4 high, you will begin to feel a little vibration in the floor.

If you have a 12" to 14" kit, you will need to have the new CV front driveline clearanced for high angle, along with limit straps installed in order to keep the driveshaft from binding at droop. In 4 high or 4 low, at speeds over 15mph, you will start to feel the vibration in the floor for sure! On a 12" to 14" even with the clocking ring, you will NOT be able to travel at freeway speeds in 4wd.





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