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About Trevor

It all started in the northern California coastal town of Annapolis. This is where WFO Concepts owner Trevor Huiskens was born and raised along with his two younger brothers.


Before they could walk, they boys were pushing Bigfoots and Tonka trucks through the dirt in mom’s garden. It wasn’t long before they figured out how to make mud with the hose and the dirt. From that point on, there was nothing mom could do to keep her children clean. When the youngest brother Caleb was born, mom ultimately gave up on her dream of having little girls playing with dolls and settled in on raising the crew of wild boys.


The toys that the boys played with quickly progressed from big wheels, to bicycles, to chainsaws, to dirt bikes, to ATV’s, and eventually ended up at trucks.


The boys’ backyard was an outdoor play land. They had hundreds of thousands of acres of coastal mountains in at their disposal right outside of the back door. These mountains were packed with redwood forests, wildlife, beautiful rivers, and most importantly, a network of logging roads that would take them anywhere.


The family moved to Grass Valley, CA when it was time for Trevor to attend high school. For college, Trevor went to California State University at Chico. Trevor tended to focus more on the extracurricular activities that Chico had to offer than on his studies. But he was still able to earn a BS in Manufacturing Technology in five years.


After his great graduation party - 8 kegs and a pig -Trevor moved down to the San Francisco Bay area where he took a job at a rapid prototyping, aluminum foundry. Trevor excelled in this environment and quickly became the plant manager and production manager.


In his spare time, Trevor began running an after-hours 4x4 shop out of his building at work.  He enjoyed this very much and soon realized that 4x4 projects seemed to be a little more fun than dealing with disgruntled employees and unhappy engineers. It was at this time that Trevor decided to open WFO Concepts.


So Trevor packed up his tools and headed to Auburn.  He rented a building, got to work, and started the business.


WFO Concepts was founded in June of 2003.