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Ford 8.8 Rear Axle Truss

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WFO RT-F88 Truss Only $174.99 Qty
WFO RT-F88-1 Truss w/ Upper Link Mount For 3/4" Or 7/8" Heim Joint w/ 5/8" Bolt $254.99 Qty
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WFO RT-F8.8.  This is a 1/4" steel axle truss that fits Ford 8.8 truck and Explorer style rear axles.  It is narrow enough to leave room to mount TJ rear coil bucks to the tube next to it.  It is built from 1/4" material, and has gussets on the inside.  It works perfect if you triangulate the rear links to the top of this truss with our upper "bat wing" mounts.

WARNING: This truss will need to be welded on!


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