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Brakes, Disc Brakes

  14 Bolt, C&C, Dually, Disc Brake Bracket
  WFO C&C-pr  pair of brackets $58.99 Qty

14 Bolt full floater disc brake brackets, dual rear wheel, Cab and Chassis rear axle. 

These brackets will allow you to install disc brakes on the rear of your 14 bolt dual rear wheel housing.  It only works if you are running single rear wheels on a dual rear wheel hubs.  It works with a chevy 5014R rotor, and standard chevy 71-87 front brake calipers from a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton 4x4.  It will also works with 76-78 Caddy rear calipers. 

These are sold in pairs.

WARNING: These disc brake brackets will only work for single wheels on Dually rear axles. The caliper will hit the wheel on a dually wheel.