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CJ, '76-'86, 27.5" Wide

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Oops!  We made this one incorrectly.  We corrected it by making a cut out for the steering box but know it has two cut outs for a steering box.  Still functions perfectly fine, just looks a little different but if you have a winch it'll get covered up.  

This is a one piece spring hanger kit.   Some people call it a box drop!  This particular one, has two cutouts on the top.  There should only be one, for the power steering box.  This does not effect it at all.  

It is made from 1/4" P&O steel.  It comes fully welded. 

This hanger has the standard 27.5" Spring width, center to center.   It is designed to use 2.5" wide leaf springs with 1/4" wide bushings.  This makes the width between the spring tabs 3" . The center of the spring bolt is a 9/16" bolt hole and is dropped down 4.5". 

Simply place this where you would like, and weld it to your frame!  


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