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Weld-On Disc Brake Bracket, 8 Lug, Pair

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
RS WELD275 2.75" Axle Tube $59.99 Qty
RS WELD30 3.00" Axle Tube $59.99 Qty
RS WELD325 3.25" Axle Tube $59.99 Qty
RS WELD35 3.5" Axle Tube $59.99 Qty
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Weld on disc brake brackets.  These brackets are designed to weld onto rear axle housings for rear disc brake conversions.  The brackets are made from 3/8" steel, and are cut at a height to use 8 lug rotors on a 3.125" tube.  They will work on other tube sizes with a little grinding.  They fit the standard chevy front calipers that everybody uses.  (72-87 chevy 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton 4x4)  These brackets are sold seperately and in pairs.

For ease of allignment for welding, clamp these brackets to your rotor with a 3/4" spacer between the two.  Install the caliper pins without the caliper.  Keep the caliper pins just off the top of the rotor.  Do not allow more than 1/8" gap between the caliper bolt and the top of the rotor (Two pennies can work good for a guage)  Once the mount is alligned, simply weld it on!

These brackets are sold in pairs.  (Quantity of 1 equals 1 pair of brackets.)

WARNING: Be sure that the brake bleeder is pointing straight up when you weld this on!
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