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Wagoneer Pitman Arm, Jeep

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
5352278 Stock taper $52.99 Qty
5352278-M Draglink taper, Bottom up $72.99 Qty
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This is a factory Jeep Wagoneer pitman arm.  People have been using these pitman arms in many different steering applications for years.  The wagoneer pitman arm is basically a stronger and larger version of the stock Jeep CJ pitman arm.  However, It has about 1" of drop to it, and comes tapered to fit standard Chevy tie-rod ends. It is approx. 7" from center of sector shaft to center of draglink hole. Some of the tie-rod ends that fit this pitman arm in its stock form are: ES2234R, ES2233L, ES2010R, ES2010L, EX2234R, EX2234L.

You may also purchase this pitman arm in a machined form that will allow it to fit the higher angle, double pivot, Chevy Draglink ends ES2026R and ES2027L.

WARNING: Be sure to order the correct taper with this pitman arm.
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