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WFO HD Bushing Kit

WFO 4252-KIT
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This is our new HD Bushing Kit!  This bushing and sleeve kit is designed for the do-it-yourself home builder. It is great for people with full size vehicles who want to link or radius arm their vehicle.  This bushing kit is also great for someone who is building their own Torque Arm kit or Trailing Arms.

  • The outer sleeve has a 2.75" OD, 2" ID and 2.35" wide (long).  
  • The bushings have a 2.75" OD, 2" ID and are 3" overall width when 2 bushings are assembled
  • The inner sleeve has a 1" OD and accepts a 5/8" bolt and is zinc plated


WARNING: Be sure to remove bushings from sleeve before welding them. The bushings will melt!
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